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Loren Ponds Interviewed for Tax Notes' "For the Love of Tax" Series

"Walking a Unique Path: A Conversation with Miller & Chevalier's Loren Ponds"

Tax Notes

In this profile for Tax Notes' "For the Love of Tax" series, Loren Ponds discusses the unconventional path of her career journey. Instead of following the traditional route of joining an accounting or law firm after obtaining her LL.M. in tax, Ponds accepted the German Chancellor Fellowship and moved to Germany; a decision some thought could be damaging to her career. "You have to be a little resistant to outside pressure to follow a certain path if it works for you. Some people don't have a very a big appetite for risk," Ponds said. "If something doesn't make me a little bit excited and nervous, I don't want to do it. That's always been my approach." For the full interview, click here.