Chair: Kathryn Cameron Atkinson

Vice Chair: Adam P. Feinberg

Executive Committee:
Kathryn Cameron Atkinson, Chair
Adam P. Feinberg, Vice Chair
Kevin L. Kenworthy, Chair, Tax Department
Andrew T. Wise, Litigation Department
James G. Tillen, Chair, International Department
Maria O'Toole Jones, At-Large Member
Pamela L. Bernstein, Executive Director (ex-officio)

Firm Counsel: Mary Lou Soller

Pro Bono Director: Kathleen Wach

Administrative Leadership:
Pamela L. Bernstein, Executive Director
Christine Ciambella, Director of Library Services
Julie Merkin, Director of Marketing
Ellen G. Laliberté, Director of Attorney Recruiting & Professional Development
Lawrence J. Marino, Director of Information Systems
Peter C. Mayer, Director of Human Resources
Tammy M. Pagach, Director of Finance