Chair: Marc J. Gerson

Vice Chair: Maria O'Toole Jones

Executive Committee:
Marc J. Gerson, Chair
Maria O'Toole Jones, Vice Chair
George A. Hani, Chair, Tax Department
Andrew T. Wise, Litigation Department
Kathryn Cameron Atkinson, Chair, International Department
Theresa S. Gee, Chair, Employee Benefits Department
Adam P. Feinberg, At-Large Member
Pamela L. Bernstein, Executive Director (ex-officio)

Firm Counsel: Mary Lou Soller

Pro Bono Director: Kathleen Wach

Administrative Leadership:
Pamela L. Bernstein, Executive Director
Carol Gruenburg, Director of Library Services
Vonda T. Hampton, Director of Marketing
Ellen G. Laliberté, Director of Attorney Recruiting & Professional Development
Lawrence J. Marino, Director of Information Systems
Peter C. Mayer, Director of Human Resources
Tammy M. Pagach, Director of Finance