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Harassment in the Restaurant Industry Part II: Employee Discipline

QSR Magazine

A compliance program that champions diversity and civility is essential for maintaining employee well-being, mitigating risk of misconduct, and achieving organizational objectives. But, what should a company do when, despite best efforts, misconduct occurs? In the conclusion of this two-part series, Alejandra Montenegro Almonte, Ann Sultan, and Nicole Gökçebay highlight the benefits of a "fact-based and nuanced approach" to employee discipline that includes a "disciplinary policy that provides for a range of disciplinary measures." The authors show how this approach addresses misconduct and fosters a culture of respect and inclusivity, allowing employees to learn and correct misconduct. "Effectively responding to misconduct requires the implementation of a well-defined disciplinary framework built on thoughtful responses to behavior and the fair application of disciplinary measures to all employees," write Almonte, Sultan, and Gökçebay.