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Webinar: Fraud, Corruption, Collusion? Defending Companies Before The World Bank Sanctions System and Similar Multi-Lateral Development Bank Proceedings

In recent years, the World Bank Sanctions System and similar multi-lateral development bank sanctions programs have actively pursued investigations and charges related to fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, and obstruction in connection with bank-financed international development projects. Our webinar panel has significant experience with The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, and other International Financial Institutions in investigating and defending against these charges  from both sides of the Atlantic. As investigations and administrative proceedings more frequently begin to target larger companies with significant presence in global markets, this webinar provides a timely discussion of enforcement and debarment trends, including do's and don'ts for companies subject to scrutiny. We identify compliance and remediation lessons for companies that participate in international development projects.


  • WASHINGTON, DC: Miller & Chevalier Member Matteson Ellis (former Litigation Specialist at the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency; Practice Lead, Miller & Chevalier's MDB Sanctions Proceedings practice)
  • PARIS: Antonin Lévy & Associés Founding Partner Antonin Lévy (defended companies before World Bank's INT, European Investment Bank, and African Development Bank)
  • Moderator: Miller & Chevalier Member Timothy O’Toole (Practice Lead, White Collar Defense practice)