IBA Annual Conference 2018

10.07.2018 - 10.11.2018

Rome, Italy

Nate Lankford, Homer E. Moyer, and Matthew T. Reinhard will present during the International Bar Association's (IBA) Annual Conference on October 7-11, 2018, in Rome. 

Lankford will moderate the CSR Committee's annual informal Breakfast Discussion, which will seek to answer the question: “What do board members need to know about business and human rights?”

Moyer will participate as moderator during the panel, "Threats to the Rule of Law: Are We at a Crisis Point?" This program will feature first-hand accounts of the warning signs, the circumstances, and the consequences of governmental actions that have undercut the independence of judiciaries, vilified the press, suppressed individual freedoms, and attacked the legal profession.  

Reinhard will present during, "Mock Trial: The Briber's Dilemma Facing Parallel Criminal, Arbitral and Civil Asset Recovery Proceedings." This mock trial will explore how evidentiary issues are managed in criminal, arbitral and civil asset recovery proceedings by having the same persons examined by an Italian criminal court, an International Centre for Settlement of Investments Disputes (ICSID) arbitral tribunal and the English High Court on the same set of facts. Reinhard will also speak during the panel, "Stolen, Looted and Sold: Organised Crime, Terror Financing and Money Laundering in the Art World." This program will explore the international black market trade in looted art and antiquities in war and conflict zones, and how such illicit trade funds global crime cartels and terror.