International Investigations

The General Counsel's Guide to Government Investigations

Edition 1.0

We are pleased to announce that Lamia Matta, Lauren Briggerman, and Ann Sultan authored the "International Investigations" chapter in The General Counsel's Guide to Government Investigations, published by The Government Investigations & Civil Litigation Institute (GICLI). Matta is also a member of GICLI's editorial board. "As government investigations become increasingly global, companies are more likely to be swept up in investigations involving multiple jurisdictions. Such cross-border investigations are complicated and require thoughtful planning, ongoing coordination, and almost always the advice of outside legal experts," the authors wrote. " It is imperative that any company finding itself in investigative cross-hairs develop a bespoke response anticipating and accommodating the unique laws and practices of each investigating jurisdiction.  Coordinating counsel experienced in managing the moving pieces of a cross-border investigation will be critical to ensuring that all of the company’s advisors and consultants are working in tandem to achieve a favorable outcome for the company. "

The goal of the Guide is to provide a basic introduction from a sophisticated perspective for handling and representation of corporations and individuals in government investigations. The book is available for purchase here.