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Sandeep Prasanna Quoted on January 6th Anniversary in The Hill

"Will Jan. 6 Anniversary Hit Differently in the Wake of House Probe?"

The Hill

Sandeep Prasanna, who served as an investigative counsel on the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, was quoted on the second anniversary of the attack. "On Jan. 6 last year, the committee hadn't yet shared any of its findings publicly. And then, in just the span of a year, the American public has learned a tremendous amount of information about the day itself, the lead-up to it — if you compare this anniversary to the last anniversary, it's day and night," Prasanna said. "That makes this anniversary hit in a way that’s more serious and somber.…We're going into this anniversary with our eyes wide open about all of the challenges that we face because of the committee's work."