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Homer Moyer Discusses the Future of the Rule of Law in Washington Lawyer's Member Spotlight

"Homer Moyer: Preserving Rule of Law"

Washington Lawyer

In a profile in the Washington Lawyer, Homer Moyer offers a positive view of the future of the rule of law, notwithstanding stresses that a number democratic societies have faced in recent years. Moyer reflects in the piece on rule of law projects he has participated in since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  

In 1990, Moyer and American Bar Association (ABA) President Sandy D'Alemberte co-founded the Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI), which soon became the largest pro bono project the ABA had ever undertaken, later hailed by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as "the most effective voluntary legal assistance initiative in history." 

CEELI and the CEELI Institute, a post-graduate rule of law training center in Prague founded by Moyer in 2000, have provided rule of law assistance in scores of countries, including ongoing programs for Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees, and Ukrainian lawyers. Citing impressive progress in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989, Moyer mentions Russia's invasion of Ukraine as an example of what can result from an absence of the rule of law and predicts that we will not see "a groundswell of support for corrupt courts and autocratic rulers."