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EMBARGOED!: Why Can't We Be Friends? The Growth of Multi-Lateral Coordination in U.S. Sanctions Policy Toward Russia


This week on EMBARGOED! host Tim O'Toole is joined by guests Dr. Laura Louca of Blomstein and Caroline Watson of Miller & Chevalier to talk about how EU and U.S. sanctions have evolved in the past 18 months in a time of growing sanctions infrastructure in Europe and growing coordination of policy in the U.S.  They'll focus on similarities and differences in U.S. and EU regimes.


  • Before 2023 Russia sanctions
  • Russia sanctions in 2023 have been very different
    • Unprecedented coordination
    • Key differences between U.S. and EU Russia sanctions
      • Issuance
      • Jurisdiction
      • Licensing
      • Seizure/expropriation of assets
      • Recourse for sanctioned parties
      • Challenges with divestment from Russia
      • Export controls


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