What's Your Exit Strategy? How Government Contractors in Afghanistan Can Prepare for the United States' Impending Withdrawal

The Briefing Papers

June 2021

In this Briefing Paper, Members Alex Sarria and Jason Workmaster discuss how government contractors should prepare for the United States’ impending withdrawal from Afghanistan. "The top priority in the coming months for the United States and its contractors will be to ensure that they get their personnel and property out of Afghanistan as safely and efficiently as possible," the authors wrote. "But before the dust settles on this precipitous exit, prime contractors and their subcontractors must also turn to evaluating and pursuing any requests for equitable adjustment or claims for payment arising from the termination, modification, or interruption of their contracts," they added.  Sarria and Workmaster then provide practical guidance on how government contractors can maximize their recoveries and avoid unnecessary losses as the United States exits Afghanistan.