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Tax Executives Institute: Bethesda, MD

Bethesda, Maryland

Marianna Dyson,* Mike Lloyd,* Lee Spence, Fred Oliphant, Anthony Provenzano,* and Gary Quintiere will present on the latest Employee Benefits issues. They will explore the perspective of the corporate taxpayer working within the context of the complex rules surrounding employee benefits. In addition, the program will highlight practical and strategic considerations relating to today’s most topical issues in this area.

Specific topics of discussion will include Code Section 409A compliance issues, the special timing rule for FICA taxation under 3121(v)(2), the 162(m) deduction limitations, cafeteria plans, FSAs and medical plan restructuring, and worker classification issues, just to name a few.

The program will be divided into the following panel sessions:

  • Health and Welfare Benefits, presented by Lee Spence
  • Executive Compensation, presented by Fred Oliphant, Gary Quintiere, and Tony Provenzano
  • Fringe Benefits, presented by Marianna Dyson and Mike Lloyd
  • IRS Audit and Exams, presented by Marc Gerson to discuss future legislation

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*Former Miller & Chevalier attorney