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PLI One-Hour Briefing: White Collar Investigations Impacting Corporate Executives - Key Developments

Lauren Briggerman and Dawn Murphy-Johnson will present the PLI One-Hour Briefing, "White Collar Investigations Impacting Corporate Executives – Key Developments," on March 19, 2019. 

2019 has already ushered in several new, major government investigations that have resulted in federal indictments against corporate executives: from the scandal that has embroiled Nissan and its former CEO, to the Panama Papers leak, to the Huawei financial fraud investigation. In ongoing white collar investigations – such as the Volkswagen emissions investigation, the FIFA bribery scandal, and the NCAA bribery scheme – executives face new charges.  At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice has suffered several setbacks in prosecuting executives in these investigations where evidence and witnesses are located abroad.  This one-hour discussion of recent victories and defeats in significant white collar investigations, court cases, and policies that impact executives will cover:

  • Developments in major white collar government investigations impacting executives 
  • Recent charges, guilty pleas, and trials of executives in white collar cases, including in FCPA, cartel, money laundering, and sanctions
  • Challenges DOJ has faced in pursuing executives and evidence located abroad
  • Noteworthy sentencings of corporate executives
  • Developments in government policies affecting executives, including to the Yates Memo