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Miller & Chevalier Health Reform Teleconference Series: Part IV

Miller & Chevalier held the fourth teleconference to provide information on the status of the House and Senate bills. The merged House bill was released on October 29, along with a section-by-section summary and a summary of topline changes from the bill that each of the three House Committees of jurisdiction marked up over the summer. The Senate Finance and HELP Committees' merged bill is also expected to be released shortly. Since our last health reform teleconference, the Finance Committee published bill text and a final Committee Report, after having passed its health reform proposal based on a summary document. Debate by the full House and Senate could begin anytime in the month of November, although the official schedule has not yet been announced.  

Miller & Chevalier will focus on the provisions of the bills that are likely to create significant implementation issues for companies.  Miller & Chevalier will also provide an inside-the-beltway perspective on the process and political hurdles that the legislation faces as Congress continues toward its goal of enacting reform within the next few months.