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IBA 2022 Annual Conference

Miami, FL

Margot Laporte,* Homer Moyer, Margarita Sánchez, and Ann Sultan will speak at the IBA 2022 Annual Conference on November 1-4, 2022, in Miami. 

Sánchez will speak on the panel titled, "Sustainability Focus: Access to Climate Change Justice for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens," on November 1. This session will explore and identify challenges faced by the most vulnerable citizens, with the focus on women and girls, in accessing fair, equitable, and meaningful access to climate justice.

On November 1, Sultan will present, "Sustainability Focus: Human Rights and Criminal Prosecution in an ESG World," a panel discussion that will look at how human rights breaches feature in criminal enforcement action against corporations. Panelists will examine the shifting focus from corruption to human rights and look at how these issues can arise in supply chain issues, fraudulent disclosure, and climate control.

On November 3, Laporte will present, as part of a panel, "The Transfer of Criminal Liability in M&A." This session will discuss the transfer of criminal liability in the mergers and acquisitions context and the implications for the entities involved. Panelists will examine the nature of issues that arise and how case law is evolving globally.

Moyer will moderate, "Rule of Law Symposium: Misinformation - What Can the United States, and Others, Do to Counter Disinformation and Its Potentially Destructive Consequences?" on November 4. This session is part of the IBA Foundation's Rule of Law Town Hall series. The Rule of Law Town Hall is a series of non-partisan town hall conversations across America about the meaning, implications, responsibilities, benefits, and economic significance of preserving the rule of law and the principles it embodies. This session will feature a discussion on how the phenomena of misinformation, disinformation, and their widespread acceptance, are threatening the rule of law and democratic society. A recording of this panel is available here.

*Former Miller & Chevalier attorney