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Economic Crime Prevention Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

William Barry and Timothy O'Toole will speak at Economic Crime Prevention Switzerland on March 5-6, 2024, in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Barry will present, as part of a panel, "What Are Your Concerns? Overcoming Common Pitfalls and Cooperating with International Enforcement Agencies." The panel will discuss:

  • Understand updates on enforcement agencies latest approach and what to look out for?
  • Overcome increasing amount of data and tight deadlines, what happens if evidence is located in multiple countries?
  • Data privacy, preservation, and protection concerns
  • Examine instruments used between Europe and other countries to leverage cross-border investigations.
  • Balance risk associated with voluntary disclosure and reputational damage.

O'Toole will participate in the panel presentation, "'Is Sanctions the New FCPA?' Discover Emerging Sanctions, Export Controls and Anti-Corruption Compliance Risks in an Evolving Geopolitical and Compliance Landscape." The panel will discuss:

  • Sanctions-related risk assessment policies, procedures, internal controls, and training
  • Multi-jurisdictional anti-corruption compliance obligations
  • The unique nature (which makes it rather difficult to manage) of Russia sanctions when compared to sanctions regimes
    against other countries
  • Emerging “import/inbound control” sanctions, Article 3g and Article 5k of EU sanctions against Russia as examples
  • The rapid increase in the number of sanctions in the last decade and the haste with which states adopt these restrictions,
    which affects their quality and effectiveness
  • Strategies for collaboration between departments and functions to enhance export compliance risk assessments across different jurisdictions
  • How to prioritize compliance resources to combat multiple areas of risk
  • Where do I focus my efforts – sanctions or anti-corruption?