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ACI Forum on Digital Assets Compliance: AML, Sanctions & Fraud

New York, NY

William Barry and Timothy O'Toole will speak at the ACI Forum on Digital Assets Compliance: AML, Sanctions & Fraud on October 12 - 13, 2022, in New York.

On October 12, O'Toole will present, "Optimizing Economic Sanctions Screening: Special Industry-Specific Know-How for Implementing and Sustaining a Robust Program," a panel discussion that will cover topics including:

  • Screening for exchanges and mixers
  • The need to look back at all transactions processed with published virtual currency addresses
  • Straight through onboarding by optimizing the client screening
  • Digital quality and screening
  • In-house vs external screening tolls

On October 13, Barry will present, as part of a panel, "The Expected (and Unexpected) Lessons from Recent Enforcement Actions: Key Takeaways on the Agencies' Areas of Focus and the Impact on Your Compliance Strategy." This panel will discuss:

  • The mechanics of enforcement actions
  • Recent enforcement actions on VASPs and identifying key themes
  • Lessons learned and exploring tactics for avoiding enforcement actions
  • Strategies for managing remediation and operating under an enforcement action