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2016 Blue National Summit - 50th Annual Lawyers' Conference

Orlando, FL

Anthony F. Shelley will be speaking at the 2016 Blue National Summit - 50th Annual Lawyers' Conference on May 17, 2016. Shelley will present on a panel titled "They're Constantly Re-Making Our World: Cases Currently Before the Supreme Court Affecting Health Plans and Insurers."

This session will discuss the change in focus from traditional regulators to the nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. the Court has not been hesitant to delve into matters critical to health plans and insurers, from the ACA, to same-sex marriage, to intricate business regulations. By June 2016, the Justices will decide new cases of high interest to health plans and health insurers and this presentation will get everyone up to speed on the relevant pending and decided cases. The presenter will cover current cases on the legality of the ACA's contraceptive mandate as applied to religious organizations; ERISA's preemption of state laws requiring the reporting of claims data to state officials; the rules regarding subrogation under ERISA; class action procedures; and False Claims Act liability. There may even be another constitutional challenge to the ACA in the offing. The presenter will review in detail cases already decided by the time of the Summit and give prognostications as to those cases yet to be decided.