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2008 Worker Classification Conference

Miller & Chevalier

Worker Classification Conference Agenda

Introduction: Why this Problem Is Back with a Vengeance

Federal and State Developments

  • Renewed Congressional Interest: Congress Wants You to Pay for the Tax Gap
  • Federal and State Cooperation: The Government Gangs Up on You

Applying the Worker Classification Standards

  • Applying the Factors: Five Loser Arguments
  • Section 530: Relief That Is Less than Meets the Eye
  • Statutory Employees: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Cross-Border Entanglements

  • Immigration: Employers Fined and Workers Stopped at the Border
  • Section 1441 Withholding: On the Hook as a Matter of Law

Consequences of Misclassification

  • Tax Issues: Assessments May Cause a Business Model to Disappear "Overnight"
  • Benefits Issues: Are the Microsoft Wars Over

Tips On Handling Disputes

  • Disputes with the IRS: Avoiding a Foregone Conclusion
  • Labor and Employment Disputes: Fighting a Multi-Front War
  • Litigation: Facing a Class Action