Evolution of the Anti-Corruption Legal Framework Worldwide

The Rule of Law in the 21st Century: A Worldwide Perspective


Homer E. Moyer, Jr. authored one of four pieces on "The Challenge of Corruption to the Rule of Law" that appear in the newly released book, The Rule of Law in the 21st Century: A Worldwide Perspective. Moyer's piece appears together with contributions by Paul A. Volcker, former chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Zimmermann, director of operations for the Integrity Vice Presidency of the World Bank, and Jose Ugaz, board of directors of Transparency International.

Entitled "Evolution of the Anti-Corruption Legal Framework Worldwide," Moyer's essay discusses the evolution of the anti-corruption legal framework worldwide and the impact the laws have had on the private sector. Noting that even though the international anti-corruption framework "is in many ways still in its infancy," its impact on the private sector has already been "transformational." In closing Moyer notes that "If there were to emerge alliances of countries committed to enforcing domestic laws that prohibit local officials from soliciting or accepting bribes, their efforts, in tandem with enforcement directed at those paying bribes, could increase the force of anti-corruption initiatives exponentially."