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What's Next for President Temer?


In this blog post, Leah Moushey and KLA-Koury Lopes Advogados Partner Eloy Rizzo discuss corruption accusations brought against President Michel Temer and his former advisor Rodrigo Rocha Loures on Monday (June 26) by the Head Prosecutor of Brazil's Federal Public Prosecution Service, Rodrigo Janot. Temer and Rocha Loures were accused of "passive corruption," or the receipt of bribes. "This marks the first time in Brazilian history that a sitting President has been charged with passive corruption," Moushey and Rizzo wrote. If the case passes through all stages of congressional review and is accepted by Brazil's Federal Supreme Court, President Temer will be required to step down while his case is adjudicated. In the interim, Rodrigo Maia, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Brazil's lower house of congress, will fulfill Temer's duties. Maia is currently a target in a separate investigation related to Operation Lava Jato. "Also on Monday (June 26), the Federal Police submitted an investigative report to the Federal Supreme Court, which may lead to another formal accusation against Temer for obstruction of an investigation of a criminal organization," the authors wrote. "The Supreme Court Justice overseeing the case, Edson Fachin, has given the Federal Public Prosecution Service a five-day deadline, which started on Tuesday (June 27), to assert additional accusations based on the Report."