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Timothy O'Toole Discusses How the U.S. Uses Export Controls and Sanctions as a Tool in U.S.-China Relations on the Garrulous Gavel Podcast

"Export Controls and Sanctions as a Tool in U.S.-China Relations, with Timothy O'Toole"

Garrulous Gavel Podcast

On an episode of the Garrulous Gavel podcast, Timothy O'Toole discussed U.S.-China relations, and the ways in which the U.S. uses trade – particularly controls on exports – as a national security and foreign policy tool. Over the last decade, although the U.S. and China have become major competitors on the world stage for military power and political clout, the two countries have become massively intertwined as trading partners. This is a net good: "I think we are doing as good a job as you could reasonably do if you're going to continue to trade. If you took the trade off the table, you might do better, but you would have other consequences," O'Toole said when asked about the significance of export controls as a policy tool, and the U.S. government's success on its enforcement. The way the U.S. government has tried to manage continued trade and protection against national security risk is through "a lot of licensing restrictions in respect to China and . . . very intense scrutiny on all exports to China now that go through the licensing process," O'Toole also noted.