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Timothy O'Toole Comments on How the Pandemic Will Impact White Collar Practices in 2021 in the American Lawyer

"2021 Forecast: White Collar Practices Will Be at the Whim of the Pandemic"

American Lawyer

Timothy O'Toole commented on how white collar lawyers will be subject to the ups and downs of the pandemic in the coming year. Although Big Law attorneys anticipate an increase in enforcement across the board after President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated and fills out his administration, the effects of the pandemic and the government's response to it could continue to guide the White Collar Defense practice area, from courtroom closures to investigations centered on stimulus funds and vaccine distribution. Even with the implementation of protocols for remote work by many courts, the prevalence of COVID-19 can still complicate things such as grand jury proceedings and the ability for investigators to collect documents and interview witnesses. "The pandemic has slowed everything down," O'Toole said. "I do think that a lot is going to depend, in terms of how much new enforcement we have, on where the pandemic goes from here, and where the outlook is this spring."