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Sandeep Prasanna Quoted on Future Use of Video Depositions in Congressional Investigations in Roll Call

"Jan. 6 Panel's Video Depositions Become Tantalizing Tool for Probes"

Roll Call

Sandeep Prasanna, who served as an investigative counsel on the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, commented on the use of video depositions by congressional committees, in light of the January 6th committee's work. Prasanna said videoclips will be an attractive tool for future investigators. "After the country saw the hearings and the utility and the power of using video deposition clips, many other committees are going to try to incorporate them into their investigations," Prasanna noted. He also predicted that video recordings will likely become a chip in negotiations between congressional counsel and potential witnesses. "Now that the country has seen and Congress has seen the power of video testimony, I think it may make it more challenging for congressional committees to negotiate with witnesses or set the terms of interview or deposition and that may be a new factor in negotiations."