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Sandeep Prasanna Comments on Timeline and Implications of Trump Trials in Law360

"On Your Mark, Get Set, Prosecute: Trump Cases Vie For Lead"


Sandeep Prasanna commented on the timetable for Donald Trump's pending federal and state criminal trials, including the January 6th-related election interference charges, and potential intersections with this year's presidential election. As the DC Circuit actively considers the threshold question of whether a former president can be charged with crimes, the election interference case has the potential to ultimately "set important precedents and hold Trump accountable for abusing the power of the presidency," said Prasanna, who previously served as an investigative counsel on the January 6th Committee. Prasanna predicted that the case will move swiftly up to the Supreme Court. "Even if the Supreme Court is reluctant to wade into this question, it seems unlikely that they would let this kind of answer sit with a lower court," Prasanna said.