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Podcast: Miller & Chevalier 2016 Latin America Survey

FCPA Compliance Report

In this podcast, Matteson Ellis participates in a conversation with Thomas Fox regarding the findings from Miller & Chevalier's 2016 Latin America Corruption Survey, focusing on corruption, compliance and enforcement trends in Latin America. "A notable finding is the fact that there continues to be more and more knowledge and awareness of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Latin America. Overall, we found that almost three-quarters of respondents to the survey are familiar with the FCPA, up from 2012, when it was 65%," Ellis said. "We are also seeing a notable increase among respondents from local and regional companies, and I think that's the more important gauge. It's just striking to see the impact that the FCPA has had over the years in the region."

Additionally, local enforcement of anti-corruption laws is on the rise in countries such as Brazil and Guatemala, Ellis notes. In these countries, the survey results show that respondents believe there has been an increase in the importance of preventing corruption by companies. "Once countries begin to enforce their laws, it sends a message to local businesses that impunity is no longer the name of the game, and that there are potential negative consequences to engaging in corruption."

This podcast was also mentioned in an August 10, 2016 article inĀ Compliance Week, "SFO Airbus investigation indicates new normal in financing and compliance."