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Michael Satin Interviewed on Not Guilty Verdict in Alaska Native Art Trial on KHNS Radio

"Skagway Shop Owner Found Not Guilty of Misrepresenting Native Art"

KHNS Radio

Michael Satin commented on his successful defense of Rosemary Libert, a Skagway, Alaska, shop owner charged with misrepresenting non-Native art as Native art. "The irony of this case is that Ms. Libert believes very strongly in the law and she doesn't want anyone representing non-Native art as Native art. She has Native employees, she cares about Native artists, so she'll continue to run her business and continue to sell both Native and non-Native art and to represent it properly, as she has in the past," Satin said.

Satin introduced an email exchange in an effort to rebut audio evidence that purported to show Libert agreeing with a U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife agent that a specific piece was Native made. "In that email, the agent pretended to be a customer and asked her specifically if the artist was or was not Native, and Ms. Libert very clearly and explicitly said that the artist was not Native. This is the same artist about whom the agent sought to purchase a piece of art nine months later, " Satin said.

Satin said it is "a shame" that Libert's reputation might be jeopardized. "Hopefully people will realize that she has been vindicated, that she is not trying to misrepresent artists at all, that she's a good person trying to just run a small business the right way," he added.