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Marc Gerson Quoted on Mark-up Possibilities for H.R. 7024 in Law360

"Senate GOP Push For Tax Bill Changes Could Slow Progress"


Marc Gerson, former majority tax counsel to the House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, was quoted on the possible impact of Senate Republicans' desire to add their own priorities to the tax bill recently passed by the House, the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024. While Senate Finance Committee Republicans seem to be pushing for a committee markup of the bill, it doesn't necessarily have to be amended in committee, Gerson said. "Clearly, Crapo and Senate Republicans want some type of amendment process, but I don't think we have a lot of insight yet into how they want to amend and reshape the bill," Gerson noted. He added, "The Senate's district work period eats up most of the time between now and early March. "Obviously, the recess is a big limiter," Gerson acknowledged. "But, ideally, they would be in a place where they'd have an agreement on an amended bill that has Senate comment and Senate priorities negotiated out by early March, so hopefully, it could ride on one of the government spending bills or the FAA reauthorization bill."