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Leah Moushey Comments on Tornado Cash Charges in Law360

"Tornado Cash Charges Set Stage For Clash Over 'Control'"


Leah Moushey commented on the recent charges against two of the co-founders of cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, including how the decentralized structure of Tornado Cash will impact the U.S. government's case. In its indictment, the government alleges that the defendants operated Tornado Cash and knowingly facilitated the laundering of more than $1 billion in criminal proceeds, including hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of Lazarus Group, a state-sponsored North Korean cybercrime group sanctioned by the U.S., and failed to implement any anti-money laundering controls. "I think a lot of this is going to come down to the sort of technical aspects of the level of control that the purported founders had and at what point they, to the degree that they did, relinquished control over the aspects of Tornado Cash," Moushey said.