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Kirby Behre Quoted on Whether Trump's Lawyers Can Testify Against Him in Mar-a-Lago Investigation in NPR

"Justice Department Filing on Mar-a-Lago Documents Puts Trump's Lawyers in Focus"


Kirby Behre, a former federal prosecutor, discussed whether a lawyer can testify against a client in the wake of additional details emerging about the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) probe of how top secret documents came to be stored at Mar-a-Lago, putting Donald Trump's legal representatives under scrutiny. "It really takes a highly unusual fact pattern to get a judge to tell a lawyer that he has to be a witness against his own client," Behre said. "The issue in these cases is always, did the client tell the lawyer the truth?" Behre added. He noted the situation could arise in a slightly different way — that if Trump winds up being prosecuted, he will need to disavow the letter his representatives provided the DOJ in June 2022. "In a way, that's a scenario that could cause Trump to sideline his lawyer."