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Kathryn Cameron Atkinson Interviewed for Authority Magazine's "Women of the C-Suite" Series

"Women of the C-Suite: Kathryn Cameron Atkinson of Miller & Chevalier on the Five Things You Need to Succeed as a Senior Executive"

Authority Magazine

In this profile, Kathryn Cameron Atkinson discusses her current tenure as Chair of Miller & Chevalier, the career path that led her to the role, and some of the important lessons learned along the way. The interview also includes advice for aspiring women leaders. "A successful executive should care about the long-term success of the organization and its people. If you’re in it for the resume building or the money, better for all if you skip it. It requires a capacity to think strategically, to communicate strategy and expectations clearly to the stakeholders, and to understand how the culture of the organization affects the performance of its employees," Atkinson said. "A leader should be direct, decisive, honest, and empathetic. Do what you say you are going to do."