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James Tillen Discusses Combatting Global Anti-Corruption in a Film by the IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee

"Anti-Corruption Specialists"

International Bar Association

In Anti-Corruption Specialists, a short film produced by the IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee, James Tillen discussed methods to help eliminate corruption around the world. "The United States would benefit with reform to campaign finance to control the role that special interests can play in elections and legislation through campaign contributions. In addition, greater transparency for corporate ownership would help combat corruption and money laundering. Worldwide enforcement of anti-corruption laws continues to be the most effective means for combatting corruption both against bribe takers and bribe payers," Tillen stated. He said that many countries have enacted anti-corruption laws and are enforcing those laws, however, "a lot more needs to be done, but we're on the right path." For the full video, click here.