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Growing Corruption Risks and Compliance Practices Detected in Latin America

Alliance for Integrity Compliance Bulletin

In this article, Miller & Chevalier Member Matteson Ellis and Demarest Partner Eloy Rizzo discuss the results of the 2020 Latin American Corruption Survey conducted by Miller & Chevalier and 14 partner law firms throughout Latin America. "Recent data on business perspectives in Latin America reveal two interconnected trends regionwide – while corruption risks in the region are seen to be growing, corporate anti-corruption compliance practices are gaining traction as well," the authors write. "Survey responses suggest that corruption risk is prevalent throughout Latin America now more than ever," they state, adding that "[t]he vast majority of respondents think their anti-corruption laws are 'not effective' or only 'effective to a small extent.'" The authors note that companies can use the Survey results "to benchmark their own efforts in a variety of areas of compliance against those of other companies operating in the same markets," and use the data "to inform their periodic risk assessments and give colour to their anti-corruption compliance trainings."