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Ann Sultan Quoted on Potential Liability Issues for the NFL in Law360

"NFL Punted A Controversial Owner, But Not The Legal Fallout"


Workplace Culture and Conduct Practice Co-Lead Ann Sultan discussed what the Washington Commanders and other NFL teams can learn from the multi-million-dollar fine on former owner Daniel Snyder after an investigation into allegations of misconduct. Sultan cautioned that, often, the exit of a single individual will not solve what may have become a larger cultural issue in an organization. "[T]here's a tendency of organizations, once they've pinpointed a bad actor and isolated him, to say, 'That person is out of the picture and everything is hunky-dory.'" She said that the NFL should conduct a thorough cultural assessment throughout the league for risk factors and implement systems to fix existing problems and avoid future ones. "[The NFL] could take a leadership role across all sports in assessing themselves," she said.