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Ann Sultan Quoted on Penalty Reductions in J&F Investimentos FCPA Settlement in Anti-Corruption Report

"J&F Investimentos' FCPA Settlement Sheds Light on DOJ Policies and Acquisition Integration"

Anti-Corruption Report

Ann Sultan was quoted on the penalty reductions received by J&F Investimentos in their settlement with the U.S. government to resolve criminal charges involving violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. While some believe the settlement to be low, Sultan stated the penalty reductions are consistent with the DOJ's "no piling on" policy. J&F had previously paid billions to resolve corruption issues in Brazil involving the same conduct. "The DOJ continues to credit settlements to foreign governments," Sultan said, adding that "crediting amounts paid to foreign jurisdictions is in line with the DOJ's no piling on policy and consistent with other recent resolutions, such as Airbus."