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Ann Sultan Quoted on Current Cross-Border Investigations Challenges in Global Investigations Review

"Coronavirus Pandemic Poses Challenges for Investigations"

Global Investigations Review

Ann Sultan was quoted on the effect of current travel restrictions on ongoing international investigations. "Most investigations have not been significantly impacted by the coronavirus yet," Sultan said, adding that law firms have found other measures to deal with the situation, such as deferring non-essential travel and talking to clients over the phone or via video conference instead. However, she said that lawyers are dealing with situations where they would rather meet with clients face to face than over the phone to maintain confidentiality but are unable to due to the crisis. "We are working to figure out what to do as the situation evolves to find the best approach. The main two things that we're evaluating are whether we can switch to video conferencing in certain circumstances or whether certain circumstances merit a wait-and-see approach."