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Alex Sarria Quoted on Administration's Latest Guidance for Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate in Government Executive

"Coronavirus Roundup: Insight on the Contractor Vaccine Mandate; Health Officials Divided on Boosters"

Government Executive

Alex Sarria commented in Government Executive on the Biden administration's release of supplementary guidance for the federal contractor vaccine mandate. The guidance and mandate are "a quintessential example of how presidential administrations use the procurement industry as a vehicle to drive public policy," Sarria said and it "remains to be seen how individual agencies will react to that guidance," which "strongly encourages" agencies to apply the mandate to contracts not technically subject to the requirements. Also, there are open questions about how the guidance will evolve over time, he said, because, understandably, the government's pandemic response is itself continuously evolving. Sarria encouraged contractors to "continue to be well-informed" and "to adopt a flexible compliance plan" because "what you're doing today to comply with the requirements may have to change down the road as the government's response to the pandemic evolves."