Timothy O'Toole Discusses Impact of Final U.S. Sanctions Acts by Trump Administration in Reuters

"Cooking Oil or Crude? Italian Restaurant Owner was Mistaken Target of U.S. Sanctions"



Timothy O'Toole, Member at Miller & Chevalier Chartered, commented on sanctions implemented by former President Trump's Treasury Department against an Italian restaurant owner, Alessandro Bazzoni, as part of a crackdown on blacklisted Venezuelan crude oil. The Trump administration, on its last full day in office, imposed sanctions on a different Alessandro Bazzoni and on companies Treasury assumed were tied to Bazzoni, which mistakenly included the Italian restaurant owner's business, over accusations that he was tied to a network attempting to evade sanctions on Venezuela's oil sector. "At the end of the Trump administration, they were doing a lot really, really fast with respect to Venezuela, Iran, and China," O'Toole said, adding "when you move that fast, you tend to make mistakes."