Timothy O'Toole Comments on the Challenges of Conducting Internal Investigations Remotely in WorldECR

"Lawyering and the New Normal"


July/August 2020

Timothy O'Toole commented on the challenges of conducting internal investigations during the COVID-19 pandemic. O'Toole stated that global travel, once a major part of his investigations practice, has been greatly impacted. "The absence of travel is really unusual," O'Toole said. Since world travel is currently not an option, investigations have gone remote which brings a new set of challenges. "In normal times, you prepare, you go to a location, you meet with relevant company personnel, and you identify and begin to collect relevant documents," O'Toole stated. "When an investigation is done remotely, you do it in little bits at a time, working around everyone's schedules. It's hard to prepare for separate interviews spread out over weeks and even months. It's hard to identify relevant documents."