Matteson Ellis Quoted on Netflix Lavo Jato Series in Latinvex

"TradeTalk: Trump Cancels Summit, Netflix Series Stirs Controversy"



Matteson Ellis was quoted regarding the new Netflix series that chronicles the Lavo Jato (Car Wash) anti-corruption investigation that ultimately lead to a 12-year jail term for former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. "It shows the central importance of plea bargaining to the investigative strategies. Moreover, it does a good job helping viewers appreciate the enormous challenges that Brazilian investigators and prosecutors faced when building the case," Ellis said. "For example, it shows the critical jurisdictional challenges that arose along the way and could have killed the investigation. One sees how important an independent judiciary and law enforcement infrastructure can be to successful anti-corruption efforts in Latin America." There is also controversy surrounding the series, Ellis said, adding, "it is important to note that the series often times lacks a level of precision with respect to specific characters and statements. This has already caused a stir locally, where Brazilians have lived the saga day in and day out for years now."