Matteson Ellis Discusses Anti-Corruption Priorities in Latin America on the FCPA Compliance Report Podcast

"Episode 383: Report from São Paulo"

FCPA Compliance Report Podcast


On this podcast, recorded live from Brazil's Legal, Ethics and Compliance (LEC) 6th International Compliance Congress in São Paulo, Matteson Ellis and Carlos Ayres, Partner at Brazilian firm Meada, Ayres and Sarubbi, discuss new anti-corruption laws in Latin America, challenges of representing individuals facing cross-border investigations, and localized compliance priorities. "What we're finding now is on one hand a convergence of compliance concepts, but on the other, jurisdictions introducing their own compliance aspects," Ellis said. "We've seen global companies over the last six, nine months, recognizing these new compliance guidelines throughout the region, embark upon localization efforts where they actually have advisors from different jurisdictions review their compliance programs, and identify gaps or areas of needed improvement. That's a process that I would recommend companies strongly consider, especially given that, as we've mentioned, we're at a point where these guidelines have been issued by numerous countries throughout the region."