Straight and Narrow

China Business Law Journal


In this article, Brian Fleming, Richard Mojica, and Collmann Griffin discuss the three biggest U.S. legal risks Chinese companies and individuals may face in light of the recent uptick in U.S. enforcement actions against Chinese companies and executives. These risks include the aggressive enforcement of economic sanctions and export controls, anti-corruption enforcement targeting Chinese competitors of U.S. companies, and tariffs on Chinese-origin goods and customs enforcement. "The U.S. has long been known to interpret its jurisdiction aggressively to target non-U.S. companies and individuals, for example in the EU, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, and Iran. In addition, the U.S. has also long targeted U.S. companies and individuals operating in China, for example by bringing dozens of enforcement actions against U.S. companies and their Chinese subsidiaries in connection with foreign corruption and export controls," the authors wrote. "Never before, however, has the attention of U.S. authorities been focused on Chinese companies and individuals as it appears to be today."  The article was published in both English and Chinese.