Strafford Webinar: New OFAC Sanctions Compliance Framework and Guidance


Brian Fleming and Timothy O'Toole will speak on the Strafford Webinar, "New OFAC Sanctions Compliance Framework and Guidance: Reducing Risk of Incurring U.S. Sanctions Liability, Minimizing Potential Exposure If Violations Occur," on August 8, 2019.

The panel will discuss OFAC's sanctions compliance priorities as well as the root causes of sanctions and will provide guidance on how to leverage these to avoid common pitfalls. The panel will also review recent enforcement actions and settlements and discuss the lessons that can be learned from those enforcement decisions. The panel will provide best practices for applying the OFAC framework to ensure an effective sanctions compliance program.

  • New OFAC framework
  • Interplay between OFAC sanctions compliance guidance and framework
  • Recent enforcement actions and settlements
  • Effective sanctions compliance program