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Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation's 66th Annual Institute

Salt Lake City, UT

Kathryn Cameron Atkinson will speak at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation's (RMMLF's) 66th Annual Institute on July 24, 2020, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Atkinson will present "Building and Implementing and Effective Anticorruption Compliance Management System."

Government ownership and regulation of natural resources mean that resource companies face corruption risks in nearly all aspects of their operations, from market entry through exploration, development, production, and distribution. Anticorruption enforcement in the U.S. and, increasingly, abroad has risen steadily over the last two decades and continues to push the compliance bar higher. How would your company's anticorruption compliance program hold up to government scrutiny? What does an effective, risk-based program look like, and how do you defend your risk analysis and resource allocation decisions after a problem arises? How do compliance policies and internal accounting controls fit together, and how does your company culture affect how closely they are followed? This presentation will explain current U.S. and foreign enforcement expectations and compliance guidance and will offer practical recommendations on how to create and sustain an anticorruption compliance program that is nimble, effective, and integrated into business operations.