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GIR Live: Women in Investigations

London, U.K.

Kathryn Cameron Atkinson and Margot Laporte will speak at GIR Live: Women in Investigations on June 22, 2023, in London.

Atkinson will Co-Chair the event and provide opening and closing remarks.

Laporte will present, as part of a panel, "Multi-jurisdictional Differences for Privilege." The globalisation of enforcement has created confusion around varying differences in attorney-client privilege in different jurisdictions. These differences can be a major consideration in cross-border investigations. Waiving privilege can cause knock-on effects in other jurisdictions where third party witnesses are located. This session will discuss:

  • What should clients be thinking about before getting in front a regulator?
  • How do counsel navigate challenges of representing individuals in the context of government investigations where the corporate waives privilege?
  • What are some of the "surprise" elements of local privilege rules that practitioners have experienced, and how have they affected the approach to an investigation and engagement with enforcement authorities?