ACI 36th International Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


Washington, DC

Matteson Ellis will speak at the American Conference Institute's (ACI) 36th International Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on December 6, 2019, in Washington, DC. Ellis will present, as part of a panel, "The Andean Region," in the APAC & Latin America Regulatory and Enforcement Update seminar. The panel will discuss: 

  • What anti-corruption legislation exists across the Andean countries, how are they similar and/or different from one another, what are key elements, and what to watch out for
  • The extent of individual vs. corporate liability: revisiting your risk profile
  • Legislation vs. enforcement in the region: the record to date, what to expect going forward, and enforcement "competition" between countries and agencies
  • Special industry-specific rules and anti-bribery requirements when bidding for public contracts
  • How increased cross-border collaboration on bribery cases between regional prosecutors is changing companies' risk exposure
  • Should you or should you not self-disclose corrupt conduct to authorities? To whom?
  • Key aspects of Peruvian Law 30424 on corporate liability for offenses on corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing
  • Aftermath of Peru's joining the two OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters