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Richard Mojica Discusses Solar Trade Conflicts in Politico

"Solar Trade Woes Cast a Pall Over Biden's Climate Goals"


Richard Mojica discussed how tariff and trade restrictions on solar panels could curtail deployment of clean energy needed to hit President Biden's climate goals. These goals conflict with his aim to rapidly eliminate carbon emissions from electricity production and to bolster American manufacturing of solar panels. If Congress passes the Democrats' reconciliation package, which includes a lean Energy Performance Plan that would mandate dramatic increases in carbon-free energy each year, demand for solar panels in the U.S. should increase. Solar developers are struggling to work through their own supply chains to identify which of their suppliers in China are involved with forced labor or other violations. "Performing that due diligence has proved to be difficult for a variety of different reasons," Mojica said, noting that some Chinese vendors are resistant to providing information about their suppliers to avoid issues with a Chinese law that prohibits cooperation with American sanctions. "I have been told that many polysilicone suppliers in China are not rushing to provide this information because they are plenty busy supplying the Chinese markets and others," Mojica noted.