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Richard Mojica Discusses Impact of Import Bans on Chinese Forced Labor Products in Wall Street Journal

"Apparel Importers, Like Uniqlo, Tripped Up by U.S. Ban on Forced-Labor Goods From China"

Wall Street Journal

International Member Richard Mojica commented on the surge in enforcement by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of import bans on products suspected of being made with forced labor. The bans are creating disputes over halted cargo and complaints from importers about the delays and a lack of transparency. Importers have three months from the time a shipment is detained to prove the products are clean, under rules that require a high burden of proof. If the importers do not meet the requirements, the cargoes must be exported or abandoned. "I have heard anecdotally that some shipments have been released but most have been either denied or have not been decided," Mojica said.