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Richard Mojica Discusses the Impact of Biden's Ban on Chinese Solar Imports in Politico

"Biden's Solar Imports Restriction Puts Onus on U.S. Companies"


International Member Richard Mojica commented on Biden's import ban on Chinese solar products from Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., a Chinese company accused of using forced labor. Under the "withhold release order" (WRO), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel at all U.S. ports of entry may detain shipments containing silica-based products from Hoshine. "I don't think in this case you are going to see a situation where every solar panel or every component is going to be detained and the importer is going to be required to provide sufficient supply chain visibility," Mojica said, adding that customs will likely follow "a risk-based matrix" and target the shipments most likely containing Hoshine products based on information they have.