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Richard Mojica Comments on New U.S. Forced Labor Law Aimed at China's Xinjiang Region in GRID

"Was Your T-shirt Made Using Forced Labor? A New U.S. Law Takes Aim at 'Made in Xinjiang'"


Richard Mojica discussed the growing effort being made by U.S. lawmakers to crack down on forced labor in China's Xinjiang region. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which was passed in Congress in December, is taking aim at products with any raw materials that can be traced to Xinjiang. This new law poses a challenge for U.S. companies and their supply chains. Most companies aren't accustomed to collecting the kind of detailed information required to prove they aren't sourcing form Xinjiang or from certain restricted organizations there, Mojica told GRID, adding that it can also be difficult for U.S. firms to get mid-chain suppliers to release information on those at the source; the middlemen are often concerned about being cut out of the transaction. "In the immediate term, it has caused a lot of disruption in the industries because a bunch of stuff is getting detained at the border…and the chances of successfully appealing are moderate," Mojica said.