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Model Jury Instructions: Business Torts Litigation, Fifth Edition

American Bar Association

This addition to the Model Jury Instruction series, published by the ABA Section of Litigation and edited by Brian A. Hill, provides clear and balanced instructions for presentation to juries in business torts litigation. These models accurately and impartially present the elements and critical definitions of business torts law in language that is understandable and familiar to the average juror. Each chapter provides:

  • Overviews of the current state of the law, including the major recent cases in most jurisdictions, with discussions of practical issues to consider 
  • Individual instructions followed by commentary that includes discussion of the cases from which the instruction was derived, how and when to adapt the instruction to particular cases, laws of particular states, requirements of particular jurisdictions, or inconsistent authority. 

The models and supporting citations give a starting place from which to investigate the nuances of a particular jurisdiction.